I'm working on a personal project that involves deploying internet-connected Arduino devices around my city. I'm planning on having them send a regular heartbeat to a PHP script that will log the last received heartbeat for every device in a MySQL database.

This sounds all fine & dandy in my head, but I'm more of a hardware hacker so this is waay out of my usual forest. Where I start to break down is....without having to regularly check the database manually, how can I get notified if a particular device doesn't successfully send a heartbeat within a given timeframe?

So far I've considered a constantly re-running Python script, or a PHP script, that will scan the database comparing the current time to the time the last hearbeat was received. If it's in excess of what I specify, then I'd get a notification via email or similar. This solution sounds...clunky.....to me and it would be wonderful if someone could shed light on a better solution, or advise if this is 'how its done'!

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