I have been using a custom theme in the wordpress-like online cms called website baker. However it has dropped support for editing responsive content made by the standard of twitter bootsrap (or any matter of a fact)

I have not found an easy to use alternative that can: - Add blocks of different column dividers with image + text. With few clicks - Has different templates that programmer (me) can edit - Alredy built in support for lightbox images (click the small image and it will zoom on lightbox, not open it's url) - Does not make every block to it's own ckeditor(or other) window, but just one editor per page in the backend so that the person can see the whole page as once and not just one block.

I know this is difficult to explain and understand, but let me show how awesome it was in baker:


just click 2 times and user has block with ready to start typing. so easy and awesome. If user changes the photo it will still open in a lightbox as default.

can be wordpress or other cms. But default wp without plugins does not support this.

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