I am currently working on a mobile app in react native and one key feature is that we have a live host broadcast on the app once per day. I have been looking for a good solution for this as I do not need to give users any abilities to create their own streams, rather they just view the one stream at the same time every day. I have been trying to accomplish this with Wowza and GoCoder SDK, however their videos and react-native wrapper have been proving to bring me more trouble than it may be worth. I have spent the last two days running in circles of errors and dependency issues.

One thing I am planning on trying is to simply broadcast the video live on youtube and include this youtube link/player within the app.

Do you have any recommendations on what I should do going forward? I feel like I am close with wowza, however it is just not working. If you know of a good tutorial maybe that is my next step. Thanks

  • Welcome aboard. Are you asking us to recommend software? That's what we do here. It sounds, though, like you are asking how to implement something, which is off-topic. – Mawg Jan 3 at 9:39

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