We have about one gigabyte sized collection of family photos. For each photo we would like to specify rotation angle (90 DEGREES or -90 DEGREES) and a one-line comment.

There are individual image viewers like Viewnior and Eye of Gnome, but I think they do not have a field for comments. There is KPhotoViewer, KODI (xmbc), but I haven't seen a field for comments there, either. For either of them I do not know how they implement rotation, via metadata or by modifying the bytes within the image area.

I am looking for a free software (libre, not necessarily gratis) solution that works on Debian GNU/Linux.


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What about geeqie (website) and its plugins?

Viewing all Exif Data is certainly possible CTRL+E - opening the EXIF Window. You should open sthis sidebar to see the effect of the next action:

Changing orientation:
You can "rotate" (change the orientation in the EXIF) with the [ and ] keys. In a second step do not forget to write the "annotated-as-rotated" image to disk with Edit/Orientation/Apply the orientation to image content.

Editing is not possible with the Exif Window, so use this workaround just described.

Adding a comment:
Editing some non-Exif Metadata Data is possible with CTRL-K. This opens the Info Sidebar which has a "Comment" field at the bottom of the page, but that is not an EXIF tag, apparently.

What is the tag that you want to edit? Exif.Image.Description?

  • Thank you knb for sharing this information. To answer your questions, 1) I don't want to rotate the bitmap because that loses image quality, instead specify rotation in EXIF metadata or a file located in the same directory as the image? 2) Yes I would like to modify the image description. Dec 29, 2018 at 23:21
  • There is a plugin for geeqie that does lossless JPG rotation. -- Try the CTRL-S and Edit/Orientation... operations yourself to what see what exactly they do to an image. -- There are other tags which also candidates for new content e.g. Exif.Image.Title
    – knb
    Dec 30, 2018 at 12:22
  • Thank you for this explanation knb. I don't see image description in the metadata dialog. Jan 1, 2019 at 22:18

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