I am developing a custom Xmppp Client in Electron in order to execute a Burmester Desmedt. I have looked upon the language offered options and this one and failed to offer the desired feature.

Also my major problems are:

  • Calculating Modular Exponentiation on top of values larger than 1024 bit
  • Calculating Division and Multiplication between values larger than 1024 bit

So what I need either a nodejs library that offers Burmester Desmedt computations out of the box or a library to perform modular exponentiation over large numbers.

Please help me I am in the midst of a master thesis and I need for it.

  • Note that modular exponentiation can be realized using DH key agreement functionality by setting the other party's public key to 1. – SEJPM Dec 28 '18 at 14:19

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