I was thinking of starting a project after I came across IPTV. So for you who are not familiar with IPTV, you get a download link to an m3u file looking like below, just with 100's of rows.

\#EXTINF:-1 tvg-ID="animalplanet.se" tvg-name="[SWE] Animal Planet FHD" tvg-logo="http://path/logos/animalplanetus.png" group-title="Sweden",[SWE] Animal Planet FHD
\#EXTINF:-1 tvg-ID="bbcbrit.se" tvg-name="[SWE] BBC Brit FHD" tvg-logo="http://path/logos/bbc_brit.png" group-title="Sweden",[SWE] BBC Brit FHD"

So what I was thinking was to set up a task, running every day, that reads from that downloadlink, going through a list that I have created with my favorite channels, and creates a new m3u file with only my selected channels.

I will probably host everything on a raspberry pi that I can access over my network and feed the file to my TV.

I will keep the project simple to start with as a proof of concept. Then Later I probably create some simple web tool that I can use to edit what channels I want more easily.

So my question is, what software would you recommend me to use for this project?

Edit: Probably should add, I have thought about using node and creating a js file that can handle this, i'm not sure if I need to use powershell as well to make everything work, but I have some experience with this since before. But I'm not sure, can I setup a scheduled task that runs like "node path\to\createFavoriteChannelScript" on raspbian

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