I'm considering joining my first open source project. This one is a game written in javascript & HTML5 and I would like to get some recommendations for tools to use for analyzing the existing code base and getting up to speed on the project's code. That is my goal.

I know I can take each script from the project and run it in NetBeans or one of the several other IDE's to see how it works (debugging step-by-step) but what I am asking for are recommendations based on experience for software that makes this task as easy as possible when dealing with unfamiliar code.

Besides debuggers are there any other kind of helpful tools for analyzing legacy javascript code? For example I know about the Aivosto product known as Visustin and that might help, but I really don't think this kind of volunteer programming is worth a $500 investment (yet). Are there alternatives of this kind of product?

PS: This would be for a Windows environment preferably, or a Linux environment as a second choice.

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