I want a solution for a virtual LAN (local area network).

I want to play Minecraft with my friends. We all have beefy computers to run large games, and I have a server with a public IP. The server has a low-spec so it cannot run Minecraft server. However it has very fast network and plenty of bandwidth quota, so I am thinking of creating a virtual LAN with that server. After my friends and I are connected properly to the server, I can select "Broadcast to LAN" in Minecraft and my friends will be able to join.

My requirements are:

  • The server software must run on Ubuntu 18.04 (architecture amd64)
  • Client software exists for Windows 10 (x64) and Ubuntu (amd64)
  • I don't specifically care if the software (server and client) is open-source, but must be free (with no money cost)
  • Important: Connecting to the server must not blindly direct all traffics, i.e., non-LAN traffic shouldn't pass through the server (watch YouTube videos, etc.).
    • Preferrably, clients can configure what application goes through this VLAN

Some people have suggested OpenVPN and I think it's a bit too heavy for this purpose

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