I would like to run my own blog site on my own server, to be hosted on Java Servlet technology. I can run on either Apache Tomcat (a web container) or Payara (full Jakarta EE) servers.

I need to host at least one blog (my own), and possibly a few other individuals.

I do not know enough to make specific requirements, except that my needs are quite simple. I just need to be able to author and edit remotely via a web browser. I do not need a fancy/complicated “content management system”. I just need a quick way to write and publish short articles. I need to include images (JPEG or PNG), so an upload feature for that. And embedding YouTube videos might be nice, but optional.

Should support a standard blog posting protocol such as Micropub, Atom, or MetaWeblog.

The only special feature is that I need to be able to post source-code in a monospaced font. Automated fancy-formatting of displayed source code would be icing on the cake.


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