What is the best IDE (integrated development environment) to use on a 64x based 1.6 GHz running windows 8 & 2gb RAM for android app development for beginners?


Probably the best option is the Android App Studio but I would strongly recommend upgrading your development machine first, especially the RAM - "GB is very low for development work & Windows 8 will be using most of it.

APP Studio Recommendations: Windows:

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7/8/10 (32- or 64-bit)
  • 3 GB RAM minimum, 8 GB RAM recommended; plus 1 GB for the Android Emulator
  • 2 GB of available disk space minimum,
  • 4 GB Recommended (500 MB for IDE + 1.5 GB for Android SDK and emulator system image)
  • 1280 x 800 minimum screen resolution

Upgrading RAM is normally reasonably simple and cheap.

The Android App Studio is a Free, gratis, download of size 927 MB for Windows so you will need a reasonable internet connection and preferably not a capped or charged one.

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    I think that 927 GB, should be 927MB? Android Studio is not THAT big :) – MTilsted Dec 24 '18 at 17:49

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