Could also just as accurately be described as Vendor or Acquisition Management software.

Prefer it to be online (not self hosted), and does not have to be free but definitely low cost

Think of it like this Workflow:

  1. Find artwork
  2. View artwork
  3. Have artwork appraised
  4. Negotiate artwork price
  5. Have artwork transported

In simplest terms what I need is some software to create a project workspace and in that workspace have a task list and email capabilities that allow for email with folks who will NOT have access to the project itself.

The email part is where the problem usually comes in. Most PM software, if they have (externally sent) email, is where you link a email system (Gmail for example) to the PM service then have all the email forwarded into the PM service. The one service I have found that seems to have its own email that can send out (Freedcamp), can only send out to folks that are members of the project.

I've searched for Project Management, CRM, PIM, etc and not found anything that fits what I want (usually its the email thing that is the issue). I've even considered things like FreshDesk, something which could (maybe) be basterdised into what I want but even there the email has to be a linked service I think (like Gmail). I fully expect the ultimate answer to be something like "here is a solution that is not marketed as what you want but fits all your needs".

This seems like such a simple ask but I've not found anything. One could say just use Gmail and G-Tasks, only I want to silo each project (and task list and concordance) off from the others. I experimented with using Gmail filtering - that went horribly.

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