On my site https://www.weensu.dk we run a multi vendor marketplace in WooCommerce. Our vendors are from small to medium (1-500 products) and the biggest ones frequently asks for a product feed to automate the process in having the same products on both their and our webshop.

My userstory would be something like this:
As a site owner
I want to make a product feed function available for everyone that wants to use it
So that they easily can change products on their private site and automatically update it on www.weensu.dk.

1. Software must be easy to install across clients platforms (those that feed) like Magento, Prestashop, BigCommerce, WooCommerce etc. (the more the better). Like a plugin.
2. My shop at www.weensu.dk should be allowed as a sales channel on the product feed “central” (the place where the product data is held and from there feeded to www.weensu.dk).
3. Two-way stock synchronization is very important.

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