I am interested developing an Android / iOS app. I have no idea where to start, but I know that I need those properties:

  • Uses SQL server for storing data (participants, places, time, etc.).
  • Can be used also on web (like WhatsApp Web).
  • Stores / redirects to YouTube clips.

What are you suggesting? I am open to ideas and I have no prior skill or knowledge in web coding.

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  • If it can also be used on the web, then it’s not an Android or iOs app – it’s just a web app (so you should probably update your question). If you know web coding and want to develop a browser-based app, then you can’t beat React Native. If you want to create a web app, then use whatever you already know, such as Angular, Ember, Vue, etc. I personally prefer AngularJS 1.x – Mawg Dec 21 '18 at 10:17
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    @Mawg ok, the main focus is more on the Andr/iOs app (web maybe later on), so you are suggesting for mobile app developing on ReactNative? – Cykapath Dec 22 '18 at 19:45
  • Yes. One alternative, though is Delphi which lets you develop an app once and run it on Android, iOs, Windows & Mac. It is expensive (over $1k), but there is an almost full featured community edition which you can use until you have earned $5k with it, which gives you enough to pay for the full product . – Mawg Dec 23 '18 at 8:24
  • Thanks, I'll go and look at it – Cykapath Dec 25 '18 at 0:35