I have an application "A" that I work with that when I trigger a specific task, does something in a directory on my laptop (and I am not sure what the location is but probably in program files). The problem is that I also have Sophos anti-virus installed on my laptop (as per a corporate load - so cannot be changed) that when it sees the changes that "A" makes, it goes "Whoa - I don't trust what you're doing, so I am going to scan everything you did". Which of course brings the application to its knees for a good 30 seconds.

My IT person (who sets up Sophos) says that he can't tell what actual activity is triggering Sophos.

The help forum for the application basically said "If we tell you what directories are being affected, then hackers might find out" (seriously .. they actually said that)

So I am looking for any sort of windows software that can identify changes made to a directory tree by a specific process, without knowing how far down that tree that those changes are being made, or what the changes are.

It is possible that a whole bunch of temporary files are being created and destroyed on the fly, so I am not sure if a before and after batch process will work for me. I had thought of SysInternal's DiskMon, but that doesn't seem to work with Windows 10 x64 Pro

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