What packages are good for opening a 500+ MB .accdb file?

I'm running Debian 9.3 on my computer.

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    Can LibreOffice open it? Apparently on Windows it should be able to, not sure about debian though – Xen2050 Dec 20 '18 at 2:48
  • None. You can read the data tables, but not open any native Access files. Moving my databases to Linux was a pain, but now it's done. LibreOffice base is similar to Access. Depends on what you want to do with it. I actually moved my databases into MariaDB, then pointed Libreoffice at them. That was so that I could also still use then from Access too. Simple fields work. More advanced field types are not as easy. Go to ask.libreoffice.org. – Elliptical view Dec 28 '18 at 2:32

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