In software development, we have code + unit tests. Sometimes I forget to the run unit tests, or maybe I'm too lazy to run them.

I'm looking for a tool that runs unit tests automatically when I have changed code and notifies me if I broke a test.

The tool

  • must run on Windows 10
  • must be compatible with MSTest
  • must support .NET (C#)
  • might be a plugin to Visual Studio (2015 and higher at least) or be a standalone tool

Ideally (optional)

  • it will not disturb me much, i.e. performance-wise. Perhaps it can only run the tests that are affected by the code change and not all the tests all the time.
  • supports other unit test frameworks such as NUnit

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NCrunch is the tool of my choice.

It's a commercial tool at a price of $159 for a named user license (at the time of writing, of course).

Even some optional features are fulfilled:

  • Thomas, you might also want to set up Jenkins to build & run unit tests on a regular basis or on a version control commit (you also ought to be able to do it when a file is saved). Of course, if you already paid $159 ... But Jenkins is helpful for other stuff, like automatically performing static code analysis, checking code coverage of unit tests, checking for memory leaks, etc, etc Jan 17, 2019 at 11:03

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