I'm looking for a movie recommendation engine (most likely it will be a webapp) with the ability to automatically import my preferences, which consists of hundreds of existing scores of movies, too many to enter one by one. E. g. I have text file:

Shawshank Redemption 9/10
The Godfather        7/10
... hundreds of lines

Supported import formats (txt, csv, xls) are not important: I can convert my scores locally.

I'm looking for an existing engine with a large enough user database so that the engine can give useful recommendations.

That is ridiculous, but I really don't know about any engine with such useful feature, except KinoPoisk.ru, from which I want to export scores :)

  • As of is this website or webapp, I find this definition really good: it's webapp if it "performs tasks on behalf of a user". In this case, the question definitely asks for app (/service) that performs a task (movie recommendations) on behalf of the user.
    – Olli
    Commented Feb 7, 2014 at 18:48

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Here's IMdb importer, implemented in PHP. I did not test this, it might be outdated already; last updated 9 months ago (May 2013). I have been happy with IMdb recommendations, but you might have different experience. If you are not, after importing ratings to IMdb, you can easily import those to iCheckmovies (related blog post).

The data format for IMdb importer is really simple: JSON with list of dictionaries, containing vote and titles. Using only titles instead of title+release year pairs will obviously cause at least some problems, unless you only watched movies that does not have older releases.

I checked out the source code; it's relatively well documented and well written, so updating or fixing it should be easy.


Listal creates recommendations by basically averaging out the votes of users you pick into a top list. It does find users with similar tastes for you but I usually just look for a favorite underrated movie and pick people from there. Listal definitely has an import and export function. "edit profile" -> the import tab is to the right. can take XML or directly from imdb

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Smovault is a software that should work for you. It is free for personal use. It uses TMDb to download movie data like cast, crew, posters, etc and also provides movie recommendations based on your taste. It has a bulk import option, but that requires that you have folders named by the movie, instead of a text file. You can however create a small script/code to automatically create folders from your text file and then use Smovault to associate these folders to movies.

[DISCLOSURE] - I am the developer of Smovault.

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