There are many services around the internet, which allow creating webhooks to get notified about some events. I'd like to find some free service, which gives me public URL I can subscribe the webhooks to and provides a desktop app which sends me notifications whenever the action runs. Additionally, I would like the service to somehow store the requests (at least for few hours) if it can't connect to my PC.

Here's what I've found so far:

  • UltraHook.com - free
    • Tunnels HTTP POST requests made to permanent public endpoints to my localhost:XXXX server, so I would have to create a simple web server for sending notifications (but that's not a problem for me)
    • Permanent public endpoints
  • ngrok.com - free, but requires paid plan ($5/month) for permanent URLs
    • On free plans, it generates random URLs like 160f747e.ngrok.io...
    • Supports much more than just HTTP POST tunneling, but I would have to build a server for this too

I use Ubuntu 18.04.

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