I'm looking for a Self-hosted Serverless function framework to be part of a prototype system we're building.

We're not looking at the cloud, yet, there are still some hold outs before a decision will be made on that. So we were hoping to create our own system, almost to mimic. If we do move to the cloud in the next couple months / year, we would have a basis for the infrastructure and flow of the application / system so we would really just have to change some endpoints, and rewrite a couple scripts (based on the lock-in of the provider that's chosen).

We have ever changing requirements and workflows in this system, and we've been slowly adopting microservices were we can to help speed up our development and maintenance times. In doing some research though, we determined that some (if not most) of our microservices could be replaced with Serverless functions - which would also help us manage our workflows better as well.

We're going to use RabbitMQ, and SQL Server as part of the backend already. We're mostly a Microsoft shop, so scripts will all be written in dotnet, but that hasn't stopped us from using linux docker containers. We just like keeping our coding consistent with C#.

Something I started experimenting with was creating our own little Serverless Functions system using Roslyn. That ended up working quite well as I was able to add all the libraries we needed, and create a simple API that all of our scripts could use for database access, etc. The problem was there was not really enough time to put in all the finer details to make it production ready - so it was put on a shelf.

We started playing around with Nuclio, which does have a good platform with C#, but is really light on the documentation on how we could connect to different databases - like our SQL Server.

Thanks in advance.

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