I have some engineering software that I am looking to update/modernize by constructing a GUI for user interaction in lieu of command line/input file.

The software is written in Fortran and might be bumped to C++ in the near future. I am familiar with both of these languages plus Python.

I have done a fair amount of research on GUI libraries (QT vs wxWidgets vs TCK vs JavaFX vs .NET) and would like to stick with the main GUI libraries that are: open-source AND python or C++ based.


Do either PyQt (open-source version) or wxWidgets have the ability to create a GUI where I can have a tool bar with engineering elements, drag them to a canvas thereby creating unique instances of an element, connecting the elements, and then defining properties for each element?

The interface I am describing is typical to engineering software and expertly done in the open-source software DWSIM or Bentley Haestad products (see image of the latter below, they both use .NET for their GUIs). Screenshot of Bentley Engineering Software

Short and simple: CAN wxWidgets, QT or any other C++/python based GUI library be used to create an engineering style interface similar to that shown above?

Thank you for your time. Please let me know if my question is lacking clarity. I will do my best to edit it appropriately.

  • You mentioned JavaFX, but then you mention only Python/C++: Have you ruled out Java GUI libraries. Java-based tools such as Pentaho Data Integration and Activiti designer look very much like your screenshot (not sure what libraries they are using but they are open source). – Nicolas Raoul Dec 14 '18 at 5:08

Major RAD softwares like Delphi, Visual Basic, and Visual C++ can easily do both GUI's and graphics. The most simple RAD situation is that Delphi 7 is still popular. Or the newer RAD softwares are more feature-rich.

Computational sections of existing code could be compiled as DLL's and work like functions. Or just re-write the whole thing.

Using open source libraries will probably be more difficult. Basically, just choose which one to dedicate your life to.

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