I wanted to analyze an application running on an Java JVM for unused classes. There are some plugins around there for IDEs, some for static code analysis. But the apllication I am looking at is using many dynamic loaded classes where a static analysis will fail.

So is there any usable tool out there which tracks the classes (not necessarily methods) that are used and how many times?

Thanks for all hints :)

  • The title and body of the question ask for two different things, would you mind choosing one, or requiring the two, or creating two separate questions? Thanks :-) – Nicolas Raoul Dec 11 '18 at 13:11
  • If you want to see unused classes, should it be unused classes from the whole Java stack, or only from a particular JAR or set of JARs? For instance org.omg.CORBA_2_3.portable.Delegate (part of the Java platform) is probably not used during your runtime but you probably don't care about it, right? – Nicolas Raoul Dec 11 '18 at 13:15

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