I'm currently looking for a way on macOS to create an ebook (PDF, ePub, and Mobi) using markdown syntax, but I can't find a good app/service for that. I tried using the template feature in iA Writer, but it does not support adding a cover image on the first page of the generated PDF. This app also doesn't support exporting to ePub or Mobi formats.

I'm actually a developer, and I can create an app/script that lets me convert markdown to an ebook with any formatting/styling I want, but I'm trying to avoid re-inventing the wheel. So please let me know if you know any good software to accomplish that, otherwise I'll do it myself (and share it with you if you're interested).

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Try pandoc. If you want something that incorporates editing and publishing, check out LeanPub.


take a look at texts a markdown editor that uses pandoc for document conversion and latex for pdf.

as for Mobi, export a Epub or html then use kindlegen from Amazon to make the Mobi

hope this helps

prince is another option for html => pdf


The R- and Rstudio-communities are working hard to create a publishing system, bookdown, primarily based on the R programming language. That's because the major developers who are doing this are employees of RStudio, an IDE for R. I think the developers trying to make the product more language-agnostic, but this is more a long-term project.

"bookdown" is is an "extension" for RStudio. It is also a suite of R packages, and is also based on pandoc.

For an introduction with e-books in mind, read this: How to self publish a book: customizing Bookdown

Recently there was also a competition, now finished, for creating the best book with Bookdown. Some examples, scroll down the blogpost.

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