I want to create two sites: A review site(about laptops), and an url website to other interesting sites(like howtogeek). I need CMS and hosting advise for these.

CMS: The laptop site should be able to create accounts which can only edit their own posts. Things like images and video's should be possible in an easy way.(images on own server). The url site should just be able to list it's urls categorized in a easy way.


  • domains on id of the hoster
  • parking domains for parking them before i start using the websites
  • https support
  • sftp access
  • an open source panel software to manage (i don't know what is great nowadays, i used cpanel(non free) once and i thought it was great then)
  • imap email
  • site statics
  • spam Assassin Protection
  • php (probably latest)
  • hotlink protection
  • backup
  • cron

I don't know what other info i should add, so ask.

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