I am developing an iOS app where PDFs are loaded and displayed in the app. I am looking for a service (preferably free) where I can store my PDF files and I can load them through the link. I have tried solutions like Google Drive or Dropbox but as far as I can tell, when you upload PDF files there you cannot have a link to the pdf (with .pdf extension). The link you share with these services seems to return much more than the pdf file. I am just looking to simply store .pdf files somewhere so I can load them from my app. Normally I would just store them on my own server, but for this app, I am looking for other services that my client can easily use.

For example, I would like to load links like: www.pdfservice.com/anything.pdf

Since it has pdf extension, I can load it easier in my app (using PDFView in iOS). Thank you for any guidance.

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