I'm looking for a realistic car driving simulator - by realistic, I mean realistic landscapes.

AFAIK, there are some OK car driving simulators, but don't seem right or aren't what I want; for example, not having nearly enough cars to look like a city or having a focus on racing.


  • is a driving game
  • must have a realistic landscape
  • must have a "free drive" mode
  • has a lot of AI cars
  • preferably has a freeway
  • preferably free or low-priced

I do not want:

  • a racing game

Willing to use it on Android, Windows, or Linux (includes Steam games).

Does such a game exist?

  • Hi. The closest thing to this I came across in the past is a cycling project where developer used googlemaps, his CycleVR app, virtual reality head set, etc to cycle across the UK. See cyclevr.com/kickstarter This could probably be adpated for cars but you will need to contact the author. – Z Z Jan 30 '19 at 7:44

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