I am looking for a task manager program or combination of programs that can do the following:

I would like to get a daily list of the top 1 item from 3 different categories.

So if I have three categories, work, school, and misc. I want to be able to prioritize the tasks within those categories in some fashion. I then need the program to take the top 1 or 2 tasks from those categories and add them to a daily calendar. If I don't accomplish any of the items it will add it to the next day. Preferably I will also be able to set tasks that happen once a week per catagory.

I have tried nearly every app and online application designed for tasks but have not found anything that will pull the top tasks by priority into a top 5 daily list.

  • If this should be posted in a different category please let me know. Thanks, – Joshua K Nov 23 '18 at 15:36

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