I'm planning for a little demo, maybe to kill some time over the Christmas days, entertaining kids and adults. Show briefly what's possible today with low-end VR/AR technologies.

Is there an Augmented Reality App for Android that

  • can show the same environment at the same time (with correct perspective)
  • for two people next to each other in the same room
  • is to be used with headsets on
  • 5.5 inch smartphones will be plugged in to the headsets
  • it can also be a Virtual Reality App
  • should not need extra equipment as HTC Vive does
  • should not cost too much (< $10)
  • can be a simple demo app, need not be a giant open world, or clever stuff

Actually... thinking about it... it is not really required that the app is to be used with headsets. Just holding high the smartphones and viewing something interesting on the living-room table would be interesting enough.

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