I have trouble connecting to the Internet in my home, and I'd like software to understand questions like the following:

  1. What is the strength of my device's connection to the network?
  2. What is the strength of my network's connection to the internet?
  3. How does network connection strength vary in different parts of the house?
  4. How does network connection strength vary based on different routers? (I have two.)
  5. How do the answers to the above questions vary over time? (I suspect my network's connection to the internet drops out intermittently.)

I'm a professional software engineer and comfortable with a sophisticated tool. If the tool exports data, I'm comfortable analyzing it programmatically if need be.

I have both macOS and Windows devices.


For simplicity:

You need inSSIDer. (There is a free version below the paid download section.)

For OSX there are hundreds... and a lot of info how to get this from the shell.


Perhaps NetSpot might meet your requirements. It is free app.


Nirsoft's free Windows OS tool, WiFiInfoView, provides much of the information you requested (and a lot more!). No installation is needed. The partial screenshot below shows signal strength, router speed etc. (There are yet more columns, and I've redacted some data.)

Nirsoft's WiFiInfoView

There's also NetSpot for Mac OS X, which I've not used.

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