I have several experiments with rodents where video (123 fps, 1080p) has been recorded along with electrical time series data (EMG, 10KHz, usually 5 separate time series). Although they are recorded at the same time, they are not recorded from the same program, so I have an LED sync pulse that I use to manually align them.

Right now, to perform analysis on the data, I do a back-and-forth between viewing the time series data in matlab and skipping to the frame in the video in VLC or PotPlayer.

I would like to sync these two data together and view them in one program; similar to how adobe premiere can show the audio waveform in a track of a sequence, but I would like to also know more information, such as the specific amplitude value at a certain time. Playback would ideally be smooth. I have made a matlab solution but playback was horribly choppy due to the nature of the video. I should note that this appears to be a matlab specific problem, because video playback in VLC and potplayer remains smooth.

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