Please, exists this kind of files recovery software?

Actualy I am looking for the software which will search 1TB ISO and recover files. The ISO is copy from bad 1TB external NTFS harddrive. In main, there were complete backups of a few computers on that corrupted drive (there were all the file types from system folders and program folders to documents and photos).

I would expect these features:

1) Some copies of the files (more, than 50%), that were on that corrupted harddrive, are also on another healthy disks. The recovery software should use these copies for better carving lost files.

2) Some amount of files, that were on corrupted harddrive, are of the one concrete proprietary type (from smaller sw producer, targeting specific purpose). So the recovery software should learn same base info about the structure of this proprietary type by watching healthy files (what we have on another drives)

Thanks very

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