I know stock exchange, never used real money though and never lost. At my previous company I told a colleague my intention to start trying for real, he was a manager at a local stock exchange company and told me not to do that, because, if I make good money, the platform I'm using might start playing against me, for real.

I'm looking for a stock exchange software that:

  • Is free to download on Windows and Linux desktop and server, because I want to try to bet programmatically and keep it running on a server
  • Has a Rest API, so that I can bet programmatically
  • Requires negligible amount of money, like $10 or $50 to start, I just want to have fun, I don't want to lose more.
  • Has a good reputation and doesn't play against me, doesn't delay my requests or cheat and has many users
  • I should be able to trade the famous stocks like Yen, dollar, gold, crude oil, or famous companies, because these are the only stocks I know how to trade.
  • I should be able to go in and out whenever I want to
  • Paypal is not available in my country, so I should be able to join using other means, it would be nice if I can join using Skrill for example, that way I could just deposit a fixed amount of money into it.
  • I should be able to open a demo account to practice using their api

I think Forex fits all my requirements, I just want to be sure. I'm not really interested in the user interface of the software, I might use it once or twice just to see how it works, I'm more interested in the API, so if there's an API without a software that would be okay.

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