I have the following use case, implemented with microservices connected with kafka messages:

Over a webhook (microservice 1), I retrieve actual information about the state of some local installed devices. The model is designed for example like this:

    'device': 'ApplianceX',
    'propertyAddress': 4711,
    'propertyName': 'Long Unreadable Name',
    'propertyValue': 'Value in byte array and crazy format'
     ... more metadata

The data will be produced to a topic. A Parser consumes the topic and convert the message to a message in a conform format (It is also possible, that the parser consumes 1 message and produces more than 1 - it depends on the value!).

The third step is, that several microservices consumes the the topic, where the Parser is producing and updates only specific properties of their target data model. The flow looks like this:

                                                                  Target model 1
                                                            +--------->Property A
                                  +------------->  Service A+          Property B
                                  |                                    Property C
       Data  +-----------> Parser +
                                  |                               Target model 2
                                  |                         +--------->Property A
                                  +--------------> Service B+--------->Property D
                                  |                                    Property Y
                                  |                                      ...
                                  +--------------> Service C

Now to my question:

I hope you can imagine my need. What is the best tool, to visualize this construct?

As Actor I want to see by an input of the property address the lifecycle of the value and in which property of the services the value results.

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