This is a different question than just restoring the layout of default Windows.

It is very important to me that I can have multiple virtual desktops.

NOTE: Please understand the distinction between Virtual Desktops, and physical extra monitors/displays. For example, I have 12 virtual desktops of which each virtual desktop is spanned across 3 physical PC displays.

I used Actual Window Manager and I actually love the multiple desktops feature with it. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to save and restore all the windows that are open and their locations. So, on reboot I have to fully set up my environment every time.

Actual Window Manager does have some features allowing to save a position and location, but unfortunately not only is it extremely complicated, but it is

  1. Manual, you can't save it automatically,
  2. Tedious, you have to go through a lot of hassle to do anything, and most importantly,
  3. This feature does not work for independent browser windows, different chrome profiles, and independent chrome apps.

For example, I want to be able to save the open position and location of, for example, 4 email apps, multiple browser profiles (I have 12 browser profiles for chrome alone), 8 website applications (for development purposes), and 12 other browser windows (for development), as well as many other windows on various desktops, as an example of my usage.

Having virtual desktops has skyrocketed my productivity. I use 12 virtual desktops!! Wow and across 3 monitors this is improved my productivity so much!! I mean it has changed everything. It is amazing.

However, if I could now only have the same features but be able to save the open windows and restore them all including positions (even if I had to set up manually, but preferably automatically save the positions of all windows for quick and easy restore), of many browser windows, many browser profiles, many applications, etc and be able to:

  • One-click save all virtual desktops, save open applications of all, and save window locations and positions of all
  • One-click restore of all virtual desktops as well as individual virtual desktops as desired (example, I might want to keep all my email windows open all at once, but a desktop I use for research, coding, or development I may want to save on-the-fly and restore as needed for different development sessions)

What software will enable me to do this?

  • Works on Windows 7
  • Free or paid, I need something that works
  • Easy to use (not too discombobulated, tedious, or time consuming)
  • As bug free as possible

Basically this question is an EXTENSION of the different question Program to save visible windows' locations and later restore the layout

Except that this question is asking also about multiple virtual desktops which is a completely different feature in addition to saving the open applications, windows, and locations.

A program called WindowManager seems to do part of this - it saved all windows for ONE desktop.

I need the same features but for MULTIPLE desktops - which is likely actually going to be a virtual desktop program which has the feature to save the desktops and windows (as opposed to the other way around, which would be a save desktops program with multiple desktops feature).

Alternatively, a third possibility is two programs that work well together, one for virtual desktops and the other for saving all the open windows and locations as sessions for all the desktops.

Note: a fourth possibility is some AutoHotKey (AHK) script like DockWin that does the same; maybe this could be modified to work with the existing Actual Window Manager's virtual desktops; however, it needs to be a one-click solution after setup, so if AutoHotKey can't do that then it is not a solution. I tried it and currently DockWin AHK script only works for the first desktop.

DockWin currently does not work as it is for this solution, but the right person may be able to make it work.

DockWin does save the size and position and windows of the open windows on the current active desktop, which saves for every desktop one-by-one as you click the save keys (WIN+Shift+0), but only saves one at a time - e.g. if you have 3 virtual desktops you would need to visit each virtual desktop and save it.

However, DockWin AHK script is unable to restore the windows to any desktop but the original desktop. That script would need some work to be able to be a solution, but it may have some potential.

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