I'm looking for an IM/chat client that will work on Windows which can connect to multiple services and meets the following criteria:

  • Allows to add accounts from other services (e.g. Facebook, GoogleTalk, IRC)
  • Allows user to search for GIFs from GIF repo (i.e. GIPHY) within client and allows them to send to target destination
  • Allows for service-specific emojis or smileys (i.e. FB, Yahoo!)
  • Client is not bloatware and comes with minimalist features supporting the above
  • Software/Project is open-source or reasonably trustworthy
  • Software/Project is free or maintains free version with limited feature set

I had tested Pidgin just yesterday and liked what I could enable through the client except for its apparent lacking ability to send GIFs via a built-in extension or feature. My reason for wanting this is not solely tied to FB but mainly my keyboard of choice on my Android device--which comes with native GIF support via GIPHY.

Desired Platform Compatibility:
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit v. 1803

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