I'm looking for a mailing list tool which lets me group contacts into lists, and lets me choose which lists to send a message to for each message I send. The most important feature is that some contacts are on multiple lists, and I don't want them to receive duplicate messages. Also, it's important that the group name not be revealed to them; the sender should be [email protected] or [email protected] and the recipient should be [email protected] or the recipient's own email address.

I want email groups like this:

  • Concerned citizens
  • Out-of-town
  • Really important people
  • News reporters

I have a single ~1000-person email list right now via GNU Mailman, and I want to be able to continue sending plenty of emails to the first group to keep them informed and engaged, while only emailing the other groups when its really important or relevant to them.

I have a strong preference for open source solutions, but free commercial solutions or even paid commercial solutions are acceptable if they are substantially better. I have shared website hosting with SSH access.

Some of the mailing list tools I've looked at include Sympa, GroupServer, and Groups.io. I'm not seeing the precise feature I'm looking for, but maybe it has a name I don't recognize.

  • We use Lyris at work as a listserv management software, it allows this.
    – ivanivan
    Commented Feb 2, 2019 at 14:34

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I would suggest you also look at Mautic.

  • For organising lists into categories, see here

  • It is open source, so you can self-host.

  • Also take a look at the mautic forums for various tips/plugins

Phplist is another alternative to look at.

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