I have been working at an NGO for a few years, and my role has been to constantly update & keep track of several different categories of information for hundreds of low-income residents.

I have been doing this work manually for a while, updating information one-by-one on an Excel spreadsheet. I have come to realize that this is a lot of unnecessary labor that can be simplified greatly with an appropriate web app. For ex, sorting the info in a particular manner, extracting certain types of data points, automatically removing data points upon expiration, etc.

I would absolutely love to hear any advice/opinions on how I should approach this web app project, and primarily which technology stack I should use. Please feel free to assume knowledge in any and all languages/frameworks.

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  • I would learn the LAMP stack, run it internally only if needed. To keep things specific to software recommendations, Debian stable (aka stretch for now) (min install + standard utilities task + AMP stuff), MariaDB (drop-in replacement for MySQL), Apache2, and PHP 7.x. Use Eclipse or Netbeans as an IDE, or even Geany (all 3 are great). Warning - there are LOTS of bad PHP tutorials out there, and it is very easy to write BAD code in PHP. If this is for intra-net only use, it will be safer. If for internet, it may be worth getting a "pro" involved. – ivanivan Nov 11 at 2:02