I am doing a course called network programming. It involves using a lot of system calls or c library calls. I have used Clion, Atom, and Sublime Text, however they didn't not address some of the issues I faced, which are given below:

  1. Is there a tool that will help me debug child processes ? I use gdb with follow-fork-mode set to child but then I can't switch between child processes. There is another mechanism by which I can connect gdb to a process but it is tedious as I will have to make the child process sleep/wait.

  2. autocomplete for C libraries and included header files ? I have to search the net or use man to see function definitions. It becomes especially difficult if don't remember the exact function name.

It is possible I am not aware of certain features in these editors. You could also suggest packages that solve this problem. Any help is appreciated.

Note: I have been recommended GNAT Programming System by Jean-Francois Fabre when I had asked this question on a different stack exchange website.

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