Google play music allows the user to upload thousand of songs from user personal library.

I have actually several songs that are not available on G play. Some are easy to find (if an artist is not in G play then all my songs from that artist are surely to be uploaded). Others are not so easy, I found (manually) some artists for which g Play has most but not all albums, and I'd like to fill the gap with my own version.

Is there a tool that can check the differences between my iTunes library and Google play music catalog finding which songs are missing on Google catalog?

I think that artist + album is enough, there is no need to go down to single song detail. My music library is properly tagged.

If that is not possible, I would take a different approach: I would upload thousand of songs without cherry picking them, but in this case I would like to skip those already in Google music catalog. I made a test and I successfully uploaded a song already present in the catalog, so it seems that the uploader does not check properly duplicates. Is there a way to skip duplicates?

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