Coming from a Business Intelligence background, I have seen a ton of reporting tools that are all great but never are able to write back (update/insert) to a database.

For a small personal project I have a SQLite database on which I want to build some reports. I also want to use that same reporting environment to be able to update values in the database. Mostly simple stuff like a check box that gets saved back in the database or the possibility to insert records in a control table, which can then be used as input for an ETL process.

I hope not to have to resort to a DIY approach with Flask or something, but hope on a polished product that just runs.

What I'm looking for is kinda Oracle Apex, but for ODBC in general. Oh, and it has to be free ;-).

EDIT: Comparison with Apex might not be great, as it's not that great doing reports.

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