I have a tree farm. There is effectively no internet in the field. (Phone does see a tower. Text messages take 1 to 15 minutes, just checking email for new messages takes over a minute.

I would like to do something like this on my iphone:

20,000 trees:

Looking for a way to dictate my inventory taking.

No bar codes in use.

Situation 1: Blocks of similar trees.
Count them range of heights that covers 90%. Estimate salability as a percent.

So I want to do something like:

Block HGE 16 Tree Poplar Northwest; Container #2; height range 24 to 36 inches, count 216 salable 80%

where the bold words are 'markers'

Situation 2: Blocks of variable sized larger trees. For this I will have a height for each tree, as well as a condition.

So something like

Tally Fin1 Tree White spruce Container Grow bag #10

Add 1 tree five foot 3 condition prime

Add 1 tree 4 foot 9 condition good

Add 5 tree 5 foot zero condition good

Add 3 tree 3 foot 3 condition poor

End Tally

Can I do this on my phone with NO internet access?

Is there a way to do this from a recording made on the phone on my Mac?

Hardware: Mac Pro 2012 OS Yosemite iphone model MKQT2VC/A1688 (6s)

Edit: I tried enabling dictation, but have siri disabled. This seems to be working, although there are a lot of typos. In particular homonyms. E.g. one of my standard pots is a T2. Sometimes it does T2, sometimes T to, sometimes tea too. Sometimes a number is spelled out, sometimes just the number.

At present the 30 second interval seems to still be there. I can do 3-4 items in that time. This may work.

So at this point I'm looking for tips to make this work better.

Edit 2: At temps of -7 I have about half an hour before the battery gets cold enough that the phone shuts down. I have to keep it outside of my mitten because I have to restart dictation every 30 seconds.

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There is a free ap through Google Play called EpiCollect. You only need GPS chip in phone, no data or cell. It will take location and you can fill in specifics on a menu you set up ahead of time.

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