I'm looking for a Java library that can output PNG files. In my image-creation routine, I know the image size and the color of each pixel.

I want my image-creation routine to be usable in two ways:

  • as a stand-alone executable JAR file
  • as a JAR library to be included in an Android project

If I needed only one of these requirements, the solution would be easy: For the stand-alone scripts, it's possible to use BufferedImage, Graphics2D and ImageIO API-s that are included in Java SE; while Android has APIs included under android.graphics.* for image creation.

However, I'd like to use the same code for both use cases. This means I need to depend on a single library that can create an image, fill it with pixels, and output as a PNG file.

So far I found only JDeli which appears to be commercial.

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One library is https://github.com/leonbloy/pngj/wiki.

  • License: unknown
  • JAR size: 170kB
  • Does not use java.awt.* or javax.imageio.*, making it usable on both Android and desktop/server.
  • Available on the Maven Central repository.

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