I have a need to display the source files of a project in a web format. I need to do this on-premise.

This is very much what GitHub and Bitbucket will display to you for a given software project, less everything related to version control, issue tracking, etc.

Basically I need something which can display a directory tree consisting of text-based source code files (in my case it would be .java, .xml and so on) as well as a README.md which I also expect to be displayed. I would expect syntax highlighting.

I've been looking at

  • Bare bone Apache httpd. Can do a directory listing, but the customization offered for the listing is minimal and it cannot do syntax highlighting of the files. At least not that I know.

  • Jekyll. I'm not aware it can do directory listings.

I do not need this to be dynamic. In fact a static site generator would be preferred.

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