I've been using GWizard Trial on my desktop, but the CNC is out in my garage. Would be great to have an app that did the same - i'm willing to pay.

There are too many to choose from on the app store, and many are for industrial CNC whereas I have a hobby CNC Shapeoko. Gwizard has Shapeoko3 settings - but no iOS app!


I had a similar problem, I had proprietary software that only ran on an old version of windows on an old PC but needed to access it on remote sites (and I didn't want to try to get an old laptop just to run the software and waste time on driver incompatibility, etc.)

The solution I used was a tablet (iPad mini) that I had a rugged bluetooth keyboard (Zagg) connected to using TeamViewer:

... worked like a charm. My recommendation is use remote viewer software & then control it from a tablet (you can do it with your phone, but the screen is to small for my taste.)

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