I need a journal/log app to write down everything I eat, training sessions, test outcomes, how I feel and what work I accomplish. Then export all this as data to a statistical program like R. Something like the ubiquitous food tracker apps but it needs to allow me to log anything rather than just food, exercise or sleep.

  • It must run on android.
  • App must stamp date&time that I can edit.
  • App must export to csv or json (not xml for some reason).
  • App must autocomplete what I write; giving me a list to choose from.
  • No need to constantly be online.

App would be more helpful if it would autocomplete in order. So I press f for food I would next need to input the type of food. Here app should autocomplete using only other items in food section like "banana" omitting things like "running". The 'food' label stays part of the message. Also most common in the past week or month should appear first.

  • Bonus: Editable date and time settings.
  • Bonus: Autocomplete takes advantage of smartphone interface and most likely options pop up immediately.
  • Bonus: spellcheck

Built in data like calories and vitamins in food and analysis like linear regression graphing is not mandatory but helpful. Cheaper and opensource is obviously better but not mandatory.

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