I'm looking for a shell tool for data collection / analysis / reporting. It should be possible to collect data by simple command line interface, the data should preferably be stored in a backend db (for performance reasons). It should be possible to aggregate data on an automatic or manual basis (e.g., when the data size reaches a threshold, aggregation of older data should be performed and the old detail data should be dropped, or on a fixed time schedule like: keep current month detail data, aggregate everything that's older...). Open source is preferred but not mandatory.

Also, it should be possible to easily create charts (preferably in one of the formats PNG, JPG, PDF) from the collected data.

I know such a tool existed (several years ago), but I can't remember the name and it's possible it no longer is maintained. I've looked at more modern tools for business analytics, they all are more than able to do that, but they are all pretty complicated to implement for our usecase. I've looked at Prometheus, BIRT, and we actually use JasperReports (for the chart generation).

What I have in mind is as simple as possible: one command to collect/store the data, automatic aggregation done by some configuration file, and a simple chart engine to produce graphics from the data sets.

Anybody know something that fulfills the above requirements?

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