We have several projects and each has own resources, like:

  • name
  • description
  • Git/Hg/SVN URLs, important branches / naming convention
  • BTS (bug-tracker)
  • build pipelines URLs / naming convention
  • artifact repositories / naming convention for versions
  • test/stage/pre-prod/prod infrastructure URLs (DBs, message pipes, servers, registries, etc)
  • inter-project dependencies

I'd like to keep this information in some structural way.

We can start from wiki. But I don't understand how can I search for certain kind of information (like get URLs for all databases or WEB services) without reading all wiki pages...

I am looking for something like openhub.net or directory.fsf.org but with extensible set of fields (not only link to home page and Git).


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I would choose a schema for these projects, write them in a simple format (JSON or YAML) and then use those documents to populate a database.

The database can be sql or nosql (mongo, etc) and the data can be used to generate web pages for the project, based on templates.

A static site builder like Jekyll would be good for the job

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