Suppose I'm a rapper.

I have lots of lyrics, which, half of them are not done yet, some are done, but need rework & edits, some are just a verse and need a second verse, etc... .

I also have some ideas or some trivial snippets that have hit my mind sometime, and I just wrote them down to have it.

I also have/know a beat (or maybe more than one beat candidates) for each of my songs. I may want to link to them, or upload the beat or just add information about the beat I want.

I also need to tag my lyrics & categorize them. For example tag some of my snippets as gangsta or categorize one of my verses in love songs, or tag one of my songs as needs extra verse, or featuring, etc ... .

And lots of other cool features & blah blah blah.

Maybe not the entire package I mentioned above, but is there an app/software/website that accomplishes a job similar to this?


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