It should have ability to read books online and for some books to order physical copy.

I was thinking WordPress.

Edit: To clarify. It's website for non-profit and books will be open for anyone to read. There should also be an option to download book or order hardcopy. So far I think I'll go with WordPress and flipbook plugin. But all suggestions are welcome.

  • WordPress, or Drupa (which has a S.E site), or maybe you should start your journey at cmsmatrix.org ? – Mawg says reinstate Monica Oct 16 '18 at 8:23
  • 1
    Thanks @Mawg, didn't know about cms matrix and it looks interesting for comparing. As for drupal, I heard it was good for some things but never really got to learn about it. But will check if its good for this. – Mr. Kovalski Oct 16 '18 at 8:45
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    Sure thing. When I decide on what I will use I'll post it here. – Mr. Kovalski Oct 16 '18 at 14:52
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    @Unor It should be a collection of public domain books which are mostly in .pdf So my solution so far is WordPress with flipbook plugin for display g pdfs. – Mr. Kovalski Oct 17 '18 at 4:00
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    There should also be option to download or order hardcopy of a book. For order it seems better to have just a form then install whole woocomerce... – Mr. Kovalski Oct 17 '18 at 4:04

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