I am looking for a workflow type of software that will serve as a queue.

For example: User submits request, receiver sets a status, requester receives email (job has been picked up and is in progress), receiver changes status, requester gets an updated email, etc.

Ideally there would be a form they fill out with customized fields we can set to fit our industry and a spot to place an internal server link they can click and be taken straight to document location.

I understand that SharePoint does this quite seamlessly, I am looking for alternative through a program, perhaps, dedicated to this sort of thing. It would be beneficial if this program would also give stats and analytics on the requests.

I am interested if there are any recommendations to get an idea where to start my research on this matter. If there are any free/inexpensive options as well Id be interested in hearing those as well. Please do not let price of the software hold you back from referring any options to me.

Thank you so much in advance, I look forward to hearing from you.


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