I'm seeking a free software, online, or open source that I can use to use perform my Photogrammetry on aerial photography. The following I am looking for are:

  • Must be on Windows 10.
  • Must be free. No payment.
  • Can handle big file size.
  • stable.
  • Must be a good or an Excellent reviews from end-users.
  • Must be able to open any type of photo extension that can read it.

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OpenDroneMap advertises itself as: "A command line toolkit to process aerial images. Since it’s creation in 2014, it has become the de-facto standard of open source drone image processing.".

Favorable Write-ups:

Apparently MapsMadeEasy is better, and they credit you with enough to map 200 acres (after which you pay, if you call that free). The authors of OpenDroneMap have great credentials and funding but there's a learning curve.

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